Science-fiction bring us all kind of fantastic planets, covered of ice or flames, of gigantic cities or magnificent jungles. Today, with the astronomy technology, we can distinguish several planets in some galaxies far, far away. And what we discovered, even our most successful writers haven’t been able to imagine this.

Here is a planet that will put science-fiction into shame : HD 69830 c,  the most wonderful sky of the universe

Is there anything more beautiful than a night sky full of stars ? If you think so, this planet is made for you !

A little explanation to begin with : HD 69830 c has liquid water. It is possible because of the distance between her and the nearest star, sufficient for that. But this star is too far away to allow a day-sky like we have. She is always in the dark. First thing.

The second thing now : do you remember the asteroids belt we have on our Milky Way ? This planet have the same one, but ten time closer than ours and with asteroids twenty-five times more massive than ours. The dust contains inside theses asteroids refelt the light from the star, creating an effect called the Zodiacal light that make the light a thousand times brighter.

Oh, and third point : the proximity of the asteroids belt generates a huge amount of meteor showers all night long. What else ?


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