This kind of question is typically the one you find on weird magazines, a piece of paper that talk about UFOs and Bigfoot. Now, if I tell you that this question is highly discuss in the scientist community? And that the theory is credible enough to allow a $1 million experiment?

The problem came from one of the biggest mystery in the world: the Big Bang. Most people know today we picturing it wrong, it is not a great explosion with matter projection everywhere on the universe. The more plausible theory today is about the distention of the universe on a short amount of time.

The origin of the problem: we cannot match the Einstein’s theory of relativity with his equivalent on a subatomic scale, the quantum theory. It’s one of the biggest problems of modern physic model and that’s why many theories, which are opposite to them, are suggested every year.

The string theory is one of them: it describes that, when you look for something smaller than an atom, everything is a string. So, every perception we can get (like smells, pictures, sounds…) is nothing but the vibration of theses strings. It allows viewing the problem from another angle: one string can create more than one vibration, so we can have multiple view of the same pattern of string.

Now, back to our hologram theory, this one goes further than the string theory: and if the whole universe is the “vibration” of a two-dimension surface composed of those strings, projected on a 3D scale just like a… hologram.

Haven’t got a headache yet? Great! Next step!

A scientist from Illinois has built two “holometers” (that is the famous 1$ million experiment) in order to proof that theory: the objective is to release two laser beam at the same time, measure them with one on the most precise clock in the world and see if it can detect, by time measurement, in the smallest place in our universe, a particle called Planck unit, a unit that represent time, mass and space. All of them. If we can spot that, it means we can retrace a pixelation in the fabric of time and space and the searched 2-D plan of the theory.

Unfortunately, the experiment hasn’t founded any pixelation, so the theory cannot be proved yet. But just thinking of this… the universe, only a picture of another picture? It makes think about it.


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  1. Good article, the topic is not very easy to understand but you managed to get it quite easy to grasp.

    I think you left one phrase without its end: « one string can create more than one vibration, so we can ».

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