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The last article

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This is the last article for Enlightened deepness. Enjoy !


A planet you will not believe is real


A site about science facts

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Science is everywhere. In newspapers. In politician debates. Even on the laptop you just bought. But this omnipresence doesn’t mean you are at ease with it.

Most scientific discoveries are unknown for common people. Because they don’t care about it. Because nobody told them. Because theses theories can contradict informations that Fox News try to make you believe in. is a website that try to reveal, as our site, to bring back theses discoveries into light. With help of short articles, facts are presented with unsophisticated explanation and enough  informations to tempt the visitor reading more about the subject.

This site appears generally on the fisrt page of a google search, when typing a scientific search, and store facts since 2007. It is consider as the first website on scientific fact we can find on the web.

So, if you want more facts (and if our website urge you to search for more discoveries), I advice you to check this site out.

First post for Enlightened deepness !

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Enlightened deepness, the blog of unusual scientific facts and uncouth discoveries is proud to introduce you his first article, that is detailled here.

Do you know why a bike don’t fall when you make it run ? How a thing as simple as a bicycle can be self-stable ? We’ll try to deepen the problem.

The next article will talk about a mind-blowing theory :

is the universe a hologram ?